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Genevieve Levin

is a henna artist practiced in the art of Mehndi since 1997. Working with henna, paint, paper and found objects she creates imaginative, vibrant artwork. After earning her BFA from Maine College of Art, Nev spent ten years working as a potter, and during that time she also worked with people with special needs and the elderly, helping them live richer lives through art.Now one of the most sought-after henna artists in New England, She brings her experience as a visual artist to Mehndi.

Ms. Levin is internationally certified (ICNHA) in the art of henna and is a skilled practitioner in all styles of Mehndi including Modern, Traditional Indian, Moroccan and Indo-Arabic. Nev also teaches beginning- to advanced-level workshops for henna artists through out North America. She can be contacted through Remarkable Blackbird, at 207-232-9014, or emailed directly.